Centralized Whole House System Automatic Centralized Whole House Water System Automatic Centralized Whole House Water System
RC: Replaceable Main Cartridge
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Automatic Centralized Whole House Water System
(Model AC/KDF-15)

Operation of System

  • Fully automated control valve
  • Backwashing at 2 a.m. on specified day intervals for about 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Backwashing lowers water pressure and water from the tap during this time will be raw water (unfiltered).
  • Backwashing prevents premature loading and channeling of media bed.

Manual Operation

  1. Backwashing
    • Insert an "I" screw-driver into the indicator knob. Press in and rotate the knob counter-clockwise to the "START" position. The system will start back-washing after a few minutes. The process takes about 20 minutes. The indicator knob will automatically return to "SERVICE" position after an hour.
  2. How to adjust the time clock
    • Pull the timer knob outward.
    • Rotate the timer knob so that it points at the current time, then release it.
  3. Change Day Cycle
    • Pull all skipper pins on the skipper wheel outward.
    • Rotate skipper wheel until "1" points at "DAY", which signifies the current day.
    • Decide on the backwashing interval. Press down corresponding pins on the wheel that represents the days when backwashing should be performed.
  4. By-pass
    • Under special circumstances when filter usage has to be terminated, turn the two valves at the back of the control valve to "BYPASS" position. Now the water supply is unfiltered.
    • For vacations over a week, unplug control valve from electrical outlet. Then plug it and adjust time clock after you return home.
    • Make absolutely sure that when you unplug, the control valve is in the "SERVICE" position