Centralized Whole House System Automatic Centralized Whole House Water System Automatic Centralized Whole House Water System
RC: Replaceable Main Cartridge

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Automatic Centralized Whole House Water System
(Model ACN-15)

Manual Operation

  1. Backwashing
    • Turn valve dial by hand in a clockwise direction until it clicks then leave it alone. It will automatically do the rest by iteself. The process will take about an hour.
  2. How to adjust time clock
    • Depress and hold down red button (on left side of valve dial)
    • Now turn valve dial gear until the time is the same as your watch
    • Please pay attention to whether the time is a.m.(a) or p.m.(p)
  3. Change Day Cycle
    • Carefully push tabs on calendar dial (on right side, numbered 1-12 days) outward.
    • Each tab pushed outward is a day the filter will backwash.
    • Please contact Arvani before changing your day cycle.
  4. By-pass
    • For emergency need to terminate usage of the filter, grab red handle (behind control valve) from left side and pull toward yourself.
    • It may be tough, pull hard and slowly.
    • For vacations, unplug control valve from electrical outlet.
    • Make absolutely sure that when you unplug, the control valve dial is in the "IN SERVICE" position.

Replacement of filter media

  • Filter media should be changed every 18 to 24 months.
  • Usage beyond the specified time without changing filter media will put unnecessary wear and tear to various components inside filter control valve and tank, which could also lead to other problems in the filter system.
  • Please service your filter regularly to ensure proper functioning of the filter and health of your family.