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RC: Replaceable Main Cartridge

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Centralized Whole House System
(Model WH-22)

When should I replace the Cartridges?

  1. When you turn on a second or third tap in the house and notice a drop in water pressure.
  2. When the sediment filter cartridge Model DGD2501-20 appears to be dirty, i.e. brown in colour.
  3. When there is a noticeable taste and odour is present in your water, the main cartridge RFC20BB has to be replaced.

Cartridge Specification

  1. Prefilter: DGD2501-20
  2. Main filter: RFC20BB

Annual Services Package

Arvani offers favourable Annual Services Packages (ASP) for users of centralized water filtration system Model WH-22. The ASP includes the labour and material for regular sediment cartridge replacement.

Cartridge Replacement Procedures

  1. Turn on one of the water taps, e.g. washbasin, kitchen sink, or laundry sink.
  2. Turn off main water supply to the water filtration system.
  3. Turn handles of both incoming and outgoing valves to OFF position.
  4. Depress red pressure relief button to relieve pressure.
  5. Use a wrench to unscrew bottom of housing.
  6. Discard used cartridge.
  7. Rinse out bottom of housing and clean housing, if necessary.
  8. Place a new cartridge into the housing. For RFC20BB cartridge, make sure the gaskets at both ends are in position.
  9. Locate the O-ring or gasket in groove. Lubricate it, if necessary, with a very light coat of white petroleum jelly (vaseline) to prevent leakage.
  10. Screw bottom of housing onto cap and hand tighten. Do not over-tighten.
  11. Turn on water supply slowly to allow system to fill with water.
  12. Rotate the handles of incoming and outgoing valve slowly to ON position.
  13. Flush for 5 minutes with sufficient water to remove traces of carbon fines.
  14. Depress pressure relief button to release trapped air.
  15. Check for leaks before leaving installation.