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Shower Purifier
(Model SHO)


  1. Remove the existing shower head from the shower arm. (See Fig A)
  2. If your shower head has an integral ball joint it should be either replaced with a standard 1/2" threaded shower arm or an adapter can be used (see Fig B). Ball adapters can be purchased from most hardware or building supply dealers. The following table may be of help:
    Plump Shop Adapter Shower Brand
    PS-2592 American Standard
    PS-2593 Price Pfister
    PS-2596 Gerber
  3. Wrap about 4 turns of teflon joint sealing tape around the shower arm threads (or adapter threads, if adapter is used.)
  4. Attach adapter, if an adapter is required, with slip joint pliers.
  5. Attach the Shower Purifier by hand tightening to shower arm or adapter (see Fig C). Be careful to avoid cross threading when starting the threads. Do not over tighten. It is only necessary to tighten enough to prevent leaks.
  6. IF THE SHOWER HEAD IS REPLACED - OR WHEN INSTALLING A SHOWER PURIFIER WITH YOUR OWN SHOWER HEAD IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT A FLOW RESTRICTING HEAD BE USED. This is not only mandatory in most cities but is necessary to ensure proper filter action of the Shower Purifier unit - SHOWER HEAD FLOW SHOULD NOT EXCEED 2.5 GPM AT 60 PSI.

The Shower Purifier can be used with a hand held shower unit by removing the existing shower head and attaching the Shower Purifier to the shower arm using Teflon joint sealing tape. Attach the flexible hose to the outlet of the Shower Purifier as per the manufacturers instructions for the hand held unit.


The ability of the Shower Purifier to remove the chlorine will depend on the quality of the water sources, the amount of chlorine and hardness and the amount of the Shower Purifier is used. Over a period of time a reduction of water flow may be experienced. Should this occur, the Shower Purifier may be "backflushed" as follows:

  1. Remove the Shower Purifier from the shower arms.
  2. Remove the shower head from Shower Purifier.
  3. Turn the Shower Purifier around and attach the back-flushing coupling (supplied) to the outlet of the Shower Purifier (see Fig. D).
  4. Attach the coupling to the shower arm.
  5. Turn on the shower and flush the Shower Purifier with warm water for several minutes at full flow.
  6. Remove the unit and reassemble using Teflon joint sealing tape.


  • The Shower Purifier is designed for potable water systems only.
  • Do not allow to freeze or use with water over 110oF (43oC) in temperature.
  • Maximum water pressure should not exceed 100psi.
  • Do not use in high iron content water systems that use chemical such as polyphosphates, softening agents.