Centralized Whole House System Automatic Centralized Whole House Water System Automatic Centralized Whole House Water System
RC: Replaceable Main Cartridge
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Centralized Whole House System

(Model WH-22)

  • Pre-filter
    • dual gradient density spun polypropylene containing a pre-filter (25-micron) and a polishing filter (1 micron)
    • 3 times the dirt-holding capacity of similar wound cartridges, with only 1/4 the usual pressure drop
    • reduces sand, silt, scale, unseen sludge, particulate contaminants and extra-fine sediment
    • to be replaced every 6 months with normal use
  • Main filter
    • 70-micron polyethylene outer shell and 25 micron spun polypropylene core final containing 228 cu. in. of granular activated carbon (GAC)
    • provides exposure of the entire carbon bed to the water flow, which reduces the amount of carbon fines down stream of the filter
    • reduces chlorine and removes over a hundred contaminants from water
    • to be replaced every 12 months with normal use