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Bio-Alkaline Water Filtration Series


Bio-alkaline ORP Filter


Bio-Alkaline ORP Filter with all natural minerals, which can purify, alkalize, ionize, vitalize and REDUCE ORP of water

What is ORP?
ORP means Oxidation Reduction Potential. High oxidation potential means the power to oxidize (causing aging and disease) is high

Bio-alkaline Pitcher

Bio-Alkaline Mineral Balls:
Activate water molecules. Enrich mineral water. Vitalize calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium with active hydrogen. Far-infrared and magnetic devices help and maintain good health and energy. Serve great taste of water.

Remove heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium, ..etc.

Silver Impregnated GAC:
Eliminate bacterial growth. Remove chlorine, taste, odor & chemicals and other contaminants..

1. Alkaline

Rich minerals such as Ca++, Mg++ are released, so that pH value is raised. Alkaline water is good for health.

2. Magnetized

Each water molecule carries a dipole, which behaves like a tiny magnet with positive and negative end. This dipole causes water molecules to be attracted to each other forming larger clusters of water molecules. Passing through natural paramagnet, larger cluster of water molecules break into smaller ones, so as to improve the penetrating and cleansing ability of water.


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3. Ionized

Negative ions, also known as Vitamin in Air, are released from mineral rocks, which assists the body into normal regenerating cycle with alkaline condition, and raises the calcium content of our blood.

4. Energized

Far infrared rays emitted, which can stimulate our body cells 1,000 times/minute
(1) maintenance of body temperature, thus increase in blood circulation
(2) improvement of metabolism
(3) increase in gland activities and prevention of dry skin
(4) balance of minerals to improve brain activities
(5) improvement in digestion and absorption
(6) removal of toxin and wastes from body

5. Anti-oxidant

Hydroxyl ions (OH-) released, which turn ORP value of water from positive (Oxidation Potential) to negative (Reduction Potential), thus is effective in "neutralizing" free radicals in the body