: Is the water in Vancouver safe for drinking?
: The water in Greater Vancouver is normally processed and sterilized to ensure the safety of citizens. However, water problems like being "yellowish", having a strange or fishy taste do call for improvements. According to The Province, Vancouver & Richmond Chief Medical Officer John Blatherwick in his 1998 report to Greater Vancouver Region District, pointed out that Vancouver was the only major city that could not meet the Canadian drinking water guidelines!
: What improvements are needed for the drinking water of Vancouver?
: Compared with other cities in the world, water pollution resulting from industrial and agricultural activities is actually not very serious in Vancouver. However, some major problems do exist:-
1) Turbidity - the high silt content causes water to become "yellowish". The numerous minute impurities can be removed by filtration.
2) High chlorine content - makes the water taste strange/fishy. The chemical reaction between the chlorine and the organic matters in the water brings about at least two carcinogenic materials e.g. Trihalomethane, Chloroform. A famous American doctor Dr. Joseph Price said, "chlorine causes a number of diseases like heart disease, stroke, pre-mature aging, impotency, and so on."
: Is the water in Vancouver hard water?
: NO! The water here is SOFT. The simplest proof is that bubbles form when soap mixes with water. The hardness of our water is merely 5ppm, meaning it is soft water.
: Why does tap water have a chlorine smell just like in the swimming pools?
: In order to meet the requirements set by the provincial and federal governments and the NSF, chlorine is added to sterilize our water.
Sometimes, especially in the winter, the ammonia and the chlorine in the water combines forming chloramine, which makes the chlorine odour stronger. Such matters can actually toxicate fishes.
: Given chlorine adversely affect our health, why would the government spend extra money to raise the chlorine level?
: This is a difficult dilemma. The already high bacteria level in our Vancouver water is rising by the day and the government cannot refrain from using more chlorine to kill the bacteria. Adding chlorine is the most commonly used and cost-effective way to sterilize water. Instead of blaming our government, why don't we utilize products like filters to remove silt, impurities, chlorine and other carcinogenic matters before we drink the water? Only a combined effort between the government and the people can the quality of our water be ensured.
: Why does our tap water look cloudy?
: The countless minute silt particles brought into our drinking water from the rivers make our drinking water cloudy. In winter times, the rain aggravates the erosion in the reservoir area and makes the water even cloudier and more yellowish. The accumulated dirt and corrosion in the pipes also adds colour to the water. At times of road construction, house construction or fire, the sudden heavy flow in the pipes pulls out the accumulated dirt into your water. The only remedy in this situation is to use a water filter with sediment cartridge to remove the silt, mud, dirt, rust, etc.
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